Online installment loans are often the best option when you need quick cash. There are different types of loans one may opt for. Two of the most popular types are cash advances and payday loans. Are you are considering contacting a direct lender to get quick cash? You may wish to note the main differences between these two types of advances. It helps to be able to make a well informed choice. A payday loan may be more suitable for you than an online installment loan, or vice versa. So it is important to understand the differences between them. One of the key differences is that installment loans are going to offer you more cash than payday loans. So if you need a bigger sum of money, it is often better to go for an online installment loan. Such a loan is ideal for long-term cash needs, and people who prefer to pay the lender back in increments generally opt for this type of loan.
The top online installment loans from a direct lender will all have equal monthly payments. A borrower will have to pay back to the direct lender every month. These direct loan installments or repayments will be set out in a payment schedule before the online loan agreement is finalized. Often a smaller principal and an extended maturity is available on installment loans, making it easier to refinance them. If you opt for a longer term financial note you will have more time to refinance the loan. So if you plan to take this slowly and prefer regular repayments, then this is the best option for you. Also, an installment loan will require a collateral in most cases. Personal property such as jewelry and cars are often used, but real estate does not apply for direct loans.

Direct Installment loans last for months not weeks!

Payday loans, are simpler and can be flexibile in terms of the payoff time. We often see the little amount of money you’re borrowing. They are definitely the quickest way to get the cash you might need. The amounts of money that are lent with cash advance companies are relatively smaller than those in installment loans. The main aim of payday loans is to provide one with the cash he or she might need to cover certain expenses in between paychecks. Often borrowers are looking for direct online loans. They will opt for a payday loan and repay the sum of money they borrowed. This happens when they get their next wage or salary in the bank checking account. Unlike installment loans, there are often no payment schedules or monthly repayments involved. Payday loans are much simpler and more straightforward. Another factor to consider is that payday loan borrowers will often have bad credit or past due bills at the time they take out a loan. If someone in that situation applied for a personal loan from a bank they would see a denial. The bank would base that on their past credit history. Nowadays you will be able to find both payday loans and direct installment loans online. So both options have been rendered simpler and more convenient as you can basically apply from the comfort of your own home or office. As a general rule of thumb most lenders will give you a maximum of $1500 through a payday loan. Whereas direct installment loans range to several thousand dollars. Regardless of which one seems best, it is important to check the reputation of the lender. Read all the online terms and conditions when you get to the loan application.
An online personal loan can last for months