Installment-Loan-Lenders is a website dedicated to consumers all across the country that are active in all stages of the lending process. Are you unsure if you even need an installment loan and only trying to decide if this is the best option? Have you determined that you need short term financing but not sure what type of funding is best? Or do you know that an installment loan is your best choice, but simply haven’t decided on a lender? We don’t claim to have the answers to all those questions, but we will do our best to help you better understand them. All types of short term loans are simple in process but they can be confusing if you doing know the in’s and out’s of how each loan is different. Our goal is to present the different choices available and make it simple for you to decide what type of loan you need, if any!

This website has been operating since 2014. Our founders have extensive history backgrounds in the financial services industry. While we’re not a direct lender, we strive to make the process of getting an installment loan much simpler. About Our Direct Installment Loans We first came up with the idea for this site when we spoke to consumers who were trying to get some type of installment loan from a direct lender. Most people don’t understand that you can’t just search for an installment loan online and find a decent company in a matter of minutes. If you do a search online for any type of common lending keyword you’re going to be meet with hundreds of companies that promise next day funding. The problem is that many of these websites aren’t direct lenders for installment loans and most can’t even provide legitimate funding in your state. Much like if you needed a payday loan, refinance, or cash advance, there are marketing companies and matching services that will attempt to get you to apply with them. These services are beneficial, but we figured why not just make it easier for the consumer and develop a list or database of the largest companies that provide direct installment loans.

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We’ve been providing this Comparison of Direct Lenders for years now and it’s been very popular with out visitors. This directory is constantly updated and we do our best to compare lending rates and terms. The direct installment loan companies shown in this list will work with you to get you qualified. While we don’t investigate each company listed here, we attempt to show the states they provide loans in. Please contact us if you have any questions about this directory or our site in general. Besides this listing of companies, we also feature dozens of articles and resources to better assist consumers in getting the best loan for their specific needs. We have a few resources to assist those with bad credit as well. While you don’t need excellent credit to be approved with a direct personal loan company, it does help to clean up your credit history. Check out our latest article about how to find a legitimate direct lender Not only does this article walk you through the process, but we also give you tips on how to weed out the companies who aren’t direct lenders.